The Gambia always in solidarity with Cuba

Banjul, June 17th. – The Gambia-Cuba Friendship Group in the National Assembly of this West African nation today reiterated its solidarity with the Cuban people and government in the complex situation the island is facing due to the blockade imposed by the United States, in the midst of the serious crisis humanity is experiencing today.

In a meeting with all the members of the aforementioned legislative group, the ambassador of the largest of the Antilles here, Rubén G. Abelenda, expressed his gratitude to the deputies for the historic position of the Gambians in favor of lifting the economic, commercial and financial fence that has been applied by Washington to its compatriots for more than 60 years.

The diplomat stressed that, despite Washington's illegal and harsh blockade, his country will continue to collaborate with this sister nation and with all the peoples of Africa, to whom we are linked by blood, culture and the struggle for sovereignty and independence, he pointed.

He stated that Cuba favors dialogue and good relations with its neighbor to the north, but it has to defend itself when it is attacked, as it  is happening today.

The legislators of the Friendship Group, headed by its president, Madi Ceesay, and made up of members of various Gambian political forces, expressed their gratitude to the dean Antillean archipelago for its historic solidarity with this continent.

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