Georgetown University event in Qatar “A Coffee Chat with the Ambassador: Reflections on Diplomacy and Foreign Service”

Cuban Ambassador Oscar Leon Gonzalez held a focused discussion with students of Georgetown University in Qatar as part of a panel of Latin American ambassadors and representatives accredited in Doha, which took place on September 8.

The student-led Latin American and Caribbean Society organized the event, where Dean Clyde Wilcox and other guests also assisted.

The ambassadors and representatives of Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, and Uruguay shared their experiences in diplomatic work with a large group of young students of different nationalities for approximately two hours. The students eagerly asked the panelists their opinions on the necessary qualities of a diplomat, the role of women in diplomacy, and the relevance of the language to diplomacy in Latin America, among other topics of great interest.

Doha, 10 September 2022
Press Office
Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the State of Qatar

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