Head of Mission visits former Cuban Embassy in the Vietnamese jungle

Cuban ambassador to Vietnam, Lianys Torrres Rivera, visited in the Tay Ninh province the former headquarters of the Provisional Government of South Vietnam, and the place where the Cuban Embassy was settled in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle.

Torres Rivera visited the small cabin that hosted the Cuban Mission, in a place near the border with Cambodia, in the heart of the enemy territory and a few kilometers from the US bases.

Raúl Valdés Vivó, a journalist and diplomat who served as the first and only Ambassador in the middle of the jungle of South Vietnam, had his office there, after presenting his credentials on March 4, 1969.

The  Valdés Vivó and the Cuban journalist Marta Rojas´ reportages show to the posterity relevant passages of the Vietnam War in that area of ​​the Indochina peninsula, and revealed to the international public opinion the war crimes committed by Yankee imperialism.

This visit by the Ambassador to a symbolic place of the brotherhood between Vietnam and Cuba, is part of her journey through the provinces of the Center and the South of the country, which includes visits to Ben Tre, Lam Dong and Tay Ninh.

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