Health collaborators in the San Fernando region celebrate the National Rebellion Day.

Port of Spain, July 24, 2022. The group of Cuban collaborators who provide services in the San Fernando region in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated on July 26 together with representatives of the Cuban diplomatic mission and the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

The act was presided over by Tania Diego Olite, Ambassador of Cuba, comrade Clyde Callender, President of the Solidarity Association "Trinidad & Tobago Friends of Cuba" and Dr. Orlando Lázaro Díaz Gómez, coordinator of the BMC. Also present were Patricia Pita Calderón and Arturo Enrique Méndez López, Counselor and Official of the Cuban diplomatic mission, respectively, and Dr. Yolanda Ferrer, coordinator of the BMC in San Fernando.

The intonation of the notes of the national anthems of the Republics of Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago marked the beginning of the activity in which moments of the revolutionary deed were recalled through the words of Dr. Yolanda Ferrer, coordinator of the BMC in San Fernando.

The occasion was propitious to deliver diplomas of recognition to the Cuban cooperators who were vanguards in the period and to honor one of the collaborators who will soon complete her mission.

With heartfelt words of gratitude for the work of Cuban health professionals, the President of the "Trinidad & Tobago Friends of Cuba" Solidarity Association made his speech, with which he also expressed the support that the Association will continue to provide to Cuba in any circumstance.

The closing words of the political activity were pronounced by the Cuban Ambassador with which she highlighted the validity of this historical fact in the current scenarios of the country and thanked the support offered by the "Trinidad & Tobago Friends of Cuba" Solidarity Association in the fight against the US blockade against our country.

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