“Health heroes”, so described Jamaica's Minister of Health all health professionals

Kingston, Jamaica, 14 February 2021. Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Jamaica's Minister of Health and Wellness called doctors and nurses who provide health care in the country "health heroes," including members of the Cuban Medical Brigade that works in this nation. He made such recognition on the "day of love and friendship", when he posted it on his Twitter account.

The Minister’s post includes a video showing a collection of images of the arrival in Jamaica of the almost 140 Cuban health professionals in March 2020, who joined their Jamaican colleagues in the fight against COVID 19.

At present, 492 Cuban doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers provide medical assistance in Jamaica and enjoy repeated signs of recognition from the people and authorities of the Caribbean nation.

The Greatest Island in the Antilles began cooperation in the health sector with Jamaica in 1976. Since then, thousands of Cuban health professionals have contributed to the neighbouring country's public health system.

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