Held in Kuala Lumpur Annual General Meeting of Friends of Cuba Association in Malaysia

Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Cuba Association in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur.- On the occasion of the 129th anniversary of the fall in action of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí, the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Cuba Association in Malaysia (FOCA) took place this May 19. 

The assembly was conducive to recounting the 15 years of the association, focused on solidarity with Cuba and the bond with the Caribbean Island through culture and mutual respect.

During the meeting, which took place at the Residence of the Cuban Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur, several new members joined the society and its executive committee.

Among the new members are some Malaysian doctors who studied in Cuba and the vice president of FOCA, who is also a doctor who graduated in Cuba.

Florentino Batista González, ambassador of Cuba and honorary member of the Association, referred to the joint activities that will be developed during the year, in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the Association and the upcoming 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Malaysia.

He also referred to the future participation of Malaysian scholars and academics in the International Conference "For the Balance of the World", dedicated to José Martí and which will take place in 2025 in Havana, while urging FOCA members to continue participating at similar events.

At the close of the meeting, tribute was paid to the members of the association who died during the past year, among them the secretary of FOCA Mr. Charles F. Moreira, who was always a great friend of Cuba.

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