The Henry Reeve medical brigade won much more than a Nobel, it won the sincere gratitude of the people.

The “Henry Reeve” medical brigade won much more than a Nobel, it won the sincere gratitude of the people.

Our friends cannot be discouraged or upset that the Nobel Prize jury has not decided to recognize the “Henry Reeve” Cuban Medical Brigades.

Let us remember that the friends of Cuba who started this campaign from the spring of 2020 and made it reach all latitudes knew that it would be very difficult to achieve the award.

The campaign had a goal that went far beyond the award itself. It was about facing a brutal hostile propaganda maneuver undertaken by the Donald Trump government against Cuban medical cooperation, which even attempted to intimidate the governments that received such cooperation.

It was about mobilizing international public opinion in favor of the recognition of Cuban health professionals, who left to help other peoples when the Covid-19 pandemic took thousands of lives a day and health systems collapsed.

While Trump hid bodies in refrigerated trucks and suggested the use of bleach as an effective remedy against the pandemic, Cuban doctors went anywhere on the planet where it was necessary to save lives.

A total of 57 brigades worked in than 40 countries.

We do not know how many candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize received the support of statesmen, heads of government, parliamentarians, international personalities and countless organizations that from dozens of countries recognized the work of Henry Reeve.

In Ireland we can be proud of the mobilization work carried out. No less than fifty-four personalities with the right to nominate, among these 51 parliamentarians, supported the candidacy of Henry Reeve. Along with them the no less prestigious endorsement of numerous friendly organizations.

Congratulations comrades, we did it, the Henry Reeve has the best of all possible awards: the recognition and sincere gratitude of the peoples.

Others should be ashamed; others should reflect on what they did or did not do correctly.

Let's proudly celebrate our success.

Dublin, October 8th, 2021.

Embassy of Cuba in Ireland.


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