Hezbollah's Head of International Relations expresses support for Cuba

Beirut, July 14, 2021. Hezbollah Head of Arab and International Relations Ammar Al-Moussawi visited the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Lebanon, where he met with Ambassador Alexander Pellicer Moraga, with whom he discussed the situation in Cuba.

Al-Moussawi condemned the blatant US interference in Cuban affairs and the acts of incitement practiced against the Cuban leadership and people.

He added that the shortage in Cuba of some foodstuffs, medical supplies and other necessities of life is due to the unjust U.S. blockade imposed on this country since the triumph of the Revolution.

He went on to say that the lamentation of U.S. officials over what they call the Cuban people's right to freedom and freedom of expression is nothing more than a malicious conspiracy to abort the independent advance of this country in resisting U.S. conspiracies and siege policies that have been going on for decades, and working to achieve sovereignty, independence and progress.

Al-Moussawi said that we, on behalf of Hezbollah, express our solidarity and support to the friendly Cuban people and its revolutionary leadership to confront these aggressive policies that aim to destabilize the country, as it happens in many countries opposed to the arrogant policies of the United States and the West, whether in the Latin American region or in our region.

Al-Moussawi called on the people of the world to be aware of the dangers of the US policies that try to replace its failure in the wars of control by sowing chaos and hunger in the countries and different regions of the world. (Embacuba Libano/Al Manar)


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