Historic Day – US abstains in UN Resolution condemning blockade on Cuba

Historic day blockade Cuba

The world witnessed today an exceptional event, when the UN Resolution condemning the embargo was approved with the support of the international community and no opposition. US Permanent Representative at the UN, Samantha Power, announced they were going to abstain and so they did.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications & Speechwriting, Ben Rhodes, directly indicated “US will abstain for first time on UNGA Resolution calling for end to embargo on Cuba. No reason to vote to defend a failed policy we oppose.” Later also noted “the embargo denies opportunities to Cubans and isolates the U.S. For the sake of our interests and the Cuban people it should be lifted.”

The Embassy of Cuba would like to express its deepest appreciation for the support, of New Zealand, as well as the governments of the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, as well as the rest of the Pacific nations, for their support in condemning the absurd policy of blockade implemented through more than half a century against our country. Our gratitude also to all our friends in Aotearoa NZ and the region, specially the Cuba Friendship Society. We also want to congratulate Cubans and our colleagues all around the world on this exceptional day for Cuban society and diplomacy. We feel really proud to be part of this team.

While all this is positive in the context of advancing towards the process of normalizing relations between Cuba and the US, it´s sad to confirm that financial prosecution and restriction as a result of the blockade persist. The US Presidents holds still wide executive authority to continue modifying the blockade implementation. Congress hasn´t approved any of the 20 initiatives to modify the blockade, which at the same time constitutes the most important obstacle for Cuba´s development.

At this very moment, our staff in Wellington has found obstacles from PayPal to register for NZIIA Conference 2016, having Hon Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs as the Keynote Speaker.

We all hope the US Administration and Congress could go beyond what Mrs. Power confirmed is a “small step” and implement “many, many more – including, we hope, finally ending the U.S. embargo once and for all.” (Embacuba NZ)