How to make donations to tornado victims?

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) reports that it is the governing body of the Central Administration of State, in charge of coordinating international aid. It is a well-structured process, which has been put into practice whenever the country has gone through natural disasters, adds the note.

The entity emphasizes that to support the people affected and the work of recovery after the passage of the meteorological phenomenon that affected Havana on Sunday January 27 it has been enabled the email address: to attend to any interest.

“Donations of material resources from abroad, whether from governments, companies, non-governmental organizations or natural persons, can be communicated to the Embassies of Cuba in the country where the donor is located."

The Cuban government is in charge of organizing the arrival, the income without paying tariffs and the distribution. In the case of donations of financial resources in foreign currencies, the international financial Bank has an account enabled with the number 0300000005093523.

The most necessary materials are: means for recovering roof covers and tanks for water storage.

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