Important Azerbaijani press agency publishes photo-chronicle in commemoration of the 167th anniversary of the National Hero: José Martí, the Soul of Cuba.

Cuba Azerbaiyán

Today Cuba commemorates the 167th anniversary of the birth of the National Hero, José Martí Pérez, defending the validity of his thinking.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the Republic of Azerbaijan shared his thoughts regarding the great son of the Cuban people with AZERTAC.

"Martí", as we all call Cubans, is honored every day, but it is January 28, when that homage becomes universal.

The National Hero of Cuba was a man of high principles, a Latin Americanist and internationalist vocation, of impeccable personal conduct, both public and private and with human qualities that sometimes seem insurmountable.

A Cuban of universal projection who crossed the borders of the time in which he lived to become the greatest Spanish-American political thinker of the nineteenth century.

José Martí felt an immense love for Cuba, he was the creator of the Cuban Revolutionary Party and organizer of the War of 1895 or Necessary War, whose objective was to get Spain off the Island and prevent the United States from entering the Antilles.

In the midst of his extraordinary political activity and as an integral part of it, Martí left an exquisite literary and journalistic legacy that encompasses poetry, theater, essay, narrative and epistle. He was a forerunner of modernism and an intellectual of vast culture.

For years he collaborated with articles and on various issues in periodicals, gave speeches of a political nature with the purpose of joining forces for the final fight, wrote intimate and political letters, left important documents that collect his views on multiple aspects of the reality that he had to live.

His texts, translated into various languages, have been published in multiple foreign editions. The significance of his work has promoted the creation of institutions, in various countries, dedicated to his study and the dissemination of his ideas. The harmonious ensemble that forms its constant activity for the freedom of Cuba and America - activity that is based on a solid revolutionary ideology - and its enormous written work, make Martí one of the most transcendent and significant figures of American letters.

Another significant element of the Martian work is its immeasurable journalistic production, since Martí wrote for numerous newspapers in Latin America, mainly from Mexico, Venezuela, as well as La Nación de Buenos Aires, the Sun of New York and the newspaper Patria, organ of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, among others.

Today, January 28, Martí is more present than ever in Cuba and in many nations there are multiple tributes to whom he put his pen and his soul in favor of the struggle of his country for his total independence. ”


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