Informative note for Cubans residing or visiting in Zimbabwe and Mauritius, Zimbabweans residing in Cuba and international travelers.

As part of the new Covid-19 Coping Plan recently announced by our government, new measures have been adopted related to Cubans abroad, foreign permanent residents in Cuba, and international travelers, which will come into effect on October 12. In this sense, the following is reported:

Cuban citizens and foreigners with permanent residence in the national territory who had approved extensions of stay or had expired the term of 24 and 12 months, respectively as of March 19, 2020, may remain abroad until March 12, 2020. October 2021 without losing their status as residents in the national territory.

It extends until June 2021, the possibility that Cuban citizens who are today in countries where biometric data capture is applied, can request a passport without having to visit our Consulates and Consular Offices. To do this, they must use the application form available on the website of each consulate or consular office and comply with the quality requirements established for the photo and signature.

For greater precision, those interested should contact the Consular office of Cuba in Zimbabwe, through the following channels: (; or Tel. 263-4 790126).

Travelers arriving on international flights must strictly comply with the protocols and sanitary measures announced by the Cuban health authorities.

All travelers from abroad will undergo the PCR test upon arrival in the country.

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