Informative note on measures taken by Cuban Consulates in the face of the spread of Covid-19

Havana, March 19, 2020.- Given the serious international epidemiological situation due to the high level of spread of the new Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2 / Covid-19), and its accelerated expansion, the Cuban Consulates abroad have adopted measures , aimed at protecting Cuban nationals who request services and Cuban officials who work in our country's consular offices abroad from possible contagion.

Temporarily, the following measures will come into effect from this Thursday, March 19:

• The accomplishment of consular procedures at a distance will be promoted.

• Cuban citizens who are currently abroad in countries where the capture of biometric data is applied, until April 30 of this year may prepare their passports without having to visit Consulates and Consular Offices. To do this, they must use the application form available on the website of each Consulate or Consular Office, and comply with the quality requirements established for the photo and signature. After the aforementioned date, taking into account the evolution of the international epidemiological situation, the continuity, or not, of this measure will be reevaluated.

• Cuban citizens close to completing 24 months of uninterrupted stay abroad, will not need to request extensions from March 19, 2020 and may remain outside Cuba until further notice, maintaining their status as Permanent Residents in the national territory.

The Consulates have maintained contact with the Cuban residents in each country, in order to learn about their state of health and at the same time disclose the measures adopted by the health authorities of the countries where they are located, and thereby contribute to contain the spread of the disease.

The measures adopted by Cuba to contain the spread of Covid-19 and reverse its effects on our population, are also transferred to our nationals abroad.

Given the emergency measures adopted by several governments with the aim of restricting movement in their territories, the Cuban authorities suggest avoiding the travel of Cuban citizens abroad for personal reasons, who may be exposed to the spread of this new Coronavirus and situations that prevent returning to our country on the scheduled date.

For similar reasons, whenever possible, it would be advisable for Cuban citizens residing abroad to postpone their trips to third countries, including Cuba, which may also contribute to reducing the risk of spread and contagion of the disease.

It is suggested that the Cuban community residing abroad pay close attention to the instructions and recommendations provided by the health authorities of the countries where they reside, while reiterating the need to stay informed through official sources.

For greater precision, those interested should contact the Consulate or Consular Office in their area.



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