Interest in Cuba destination increases among Finnish tour operators

Helsinki, November 25th.- This afternoon, the Charge d'Affaires a.i from Cuba in Finland, Víctor Manuel Rodríguez Etcheverry visited the headquarters of the prestigious tour operator “Olympia Air Travel LTD” and was received by its Deputy General Manager Ari Huuskonen.

The Cuban diplomat updated his counterpart on the exceptional measures to enter the country, as a result of the pandemic. Likewise, he highlighted the rapid progress of the massive vaccination campaign for Cubans, which so far reached 81.4% of the population with a complete scheme, among them, tourist service personnel, which began to be reinforced with an extra dose.

Huuskonen made a detailed explanation of the work of the company, which has, as destinations, more than 80 points on the globe. Close to its 70th anniversary, Olympia has traveled to Havana and other parts of the Island of Cuba for more than 40 years. COVID-19 has meant a before and after for businesses linked to international tourism. However, the Finnish company successfully joined the reopening of the Greater Antilles on November 15, since it already has the first guided group of 11 visitors, who are enjoying the natural beauties of Cuba at the moment in which the meeting took place.

Both parties highlighted the good state of the ties between the Cuban State Mission and the company and the will to revitalize the sustained flow of visitors from the Nordic country to Cuba, with particular emphasis on the year 2022, a momentum for the sector, after a prolonged global pandemic for almost two years.

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