Interferon alfa-2b recombinant vs Coronavirus (Covid19)

Cuba Azerbaiyán

In the urgent pursuit of effective therapies against the aggressive Coronavirus (Covid19) disease, the People´s Republic of China applied different treatment schemes in medical practice such as the case of the Interferon alfa-2b recombinant, together with a range of other antiretroviral. This practice has also been recommended by the Chinese Pharmacological Society Experts Consensus, the Johns Hopkins Medical Center Guides in Baltimore, a Technical Document from the Ministry of Health of Spain, among others from different countries and international organizations. 

Two objectives follow the application of the interferon treatment: reinforcing the innate response, mainly from the medical personnel who are dealing with the epidemic preventively, and also in the treatment of infected patients during the first days of the disease. More than 300.000 doses of the Interferon that is being used in China is produced by The Cuban-Chinese Joint Venture ChangHeber Ltd, based on the Cuban technology to produce the Heberon Alfa R (Interferon alfa-2b). 

The Cuban Interferon, Heberon Alfa R, is registered in 10 countries, among which are several countries of the Latin American region: Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Jamaica, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Algeria and Thailand and the Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Center (CIGB in Spanish) is the Cuban company produces the Heberon Alfa R medication.


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