International Women's Day is celebrated in Cuba

Havana, 8 March 2024 - With a significant presence in all sectors of society, women in Cuba arrive today at International Women's Day with new challenges in terms of gender.

It is precisely these challenges that are being discussed in this capital by more than 300 delegates at the eleventh Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women, in which two representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors Yaira Jiménez Roig and Tania Pérez Xiques, are part of. Meeting at the Palacio de las Convenciones, the participants will analyse until Friday the results of the last five years of the organisation, highlighting the achievements and challenges in the face of the obstacles imposed by the US blockade on Cuba.

In the period between the tenth edition of the Congress and the current one, several changes took place in the Caribbean nation and Cuban women were protagonists in all of them. It is worth mentioning the approval of important documents for women, such as the Family Code, the National Programme for the Advancement of Women and the Comprehensive Strategy for the Prevention of and Attention to Gender Violence and Violence in the Family.

In the opinion of the Santiago de Cuba municipal court judge Solanch Sanz, who was invited to the event, holding this event in unique circumstances, marked by the economic and social situation that the country is going through, is an opportunity for patriotic reaffirmation for the federated women. In her opinion, the 8th March is a day of transcendental importance for women in the world and to celebrate it on the island, "where today we enjoy victories and conquests in terms of rights and guarantees, represents the pride of being Cuban women".

The island, she pointed out, still faces the challenge of continuing to work on the legal culture not only of Cuban women, but also of Cuban men "to be able to own of all the contents of gender equality, peace and harmony, respectful parenting, responsible motherhood and fatherhood, which also contributes to the absence of gender violence in our country".

Currently, Cuban women represent 55.74 percent of the membership of the National Assembly of People's Power, making the Cuban Parliament the second most representative of women in the world, only surpassed by Rwanda.

(Cuban Embassy in South Africa-Prensa Latina)

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