Irish solidarity Present in health care to Cuba in difficult hours.

Irish solidarity Present in health care to Cuba in difficult hours.

Dublin, August 3, 2021. The dynamic Irish solidarity movement with Cuba, entities of diverse character and individuals have contributed up to this moment with 60,212 Euros donated to fund to the acquisition of medicines and materials for the people of Cuba in his confrontation with Covid-19.

The vast majority of these funds have been transferred to a prestigious European NGO that has long years of collaboration with Cuba in health matters and that in a special way has provided formidable help in this period of economic restrictions and criminal sanctions in order to acquire medicines and equipment to save the lives of Cubans.

The Irish donation has contributed to the acquisition of syringes to carry out the mass immunization campaign with the very Cuban vaccines Abdala and Soberana, as well as the purchase of antibiotics such as Vancomycin, Ceftriaxone and Cefazolin.

The donation collection campaign will continue for the acquisition of raw materials necessary for the production of medicines by the Cuban pharmaceutical industry, limited in its access to the international market due to the effects of the economic blockade.

Among the institutions and organizations that have contributed with their donations are the Ding company, the SIPTU and UNITE unions, the solidarity organizations Cuba Support Group Ireland and Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland, as well as many people whose individual titles have made it possible to reach that figure.

To all of you our deep appreciation and gratitude.

For several months we witnessed the way in which various Irish organizations, personalities and citizens welcomed the international campaign in support of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Henry Reeve Cuban internationalist medical brigades, in recognition of the work carried out by the 53 doctors brigades who attended 40 nations in the most dangerous moments of the pandemic.

Today, when our Island faces high levels of contagion as a result of the dissemination of the infectious Delta variant of Covid-19, that solidarity is renewed and returns the gesture to Cuba in a commendable way.

When we have defeated the pandemic, we will surely come to the conclusion that international solidarity among peoples has played a decisive role.

We will have shown that TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD.

Many thanks friends.

Embassy of Cuba in Ireland.


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