Irish unions pass motion against the blockade of Cuba.

Irish unions pass motion against the blockade of Cuba.

The Biennial Conference of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, which brings together trade union organizations from across the island of Ireland, approved two motions that ratify the rejection of the economic blockade against Cuba and demand that this cruel policy be ended.

The destabilization actions against the Cuban Revolution promoted from the United States were also condemned.

The trade unionists also recognized the action of the Cuban medical brigades in confronting the Covid-10 pandemic in numerous nations.

Text of the first motion:

Cuba. That the Irish Congress of Trade Unions calls for the immediate ending of the Illegal blockade of Cuba, which has for the 29th. time been condemned by the UN General Assembly last June in a vote of 143–3. We ask that Congress exert pressure on the Irish and British Governments to use their influence on the US to demand an ending of the illegal blockade of Cuba and recognize the right of Cuba to its own self determination and to achieve its full potential economically as a sovereign country. We also move that Congress call on the Irish Government to use its position on the UN Security Council to help end the illegal blockade.

Text of the second motion:

Solidarity with Cuba. The Belfast and District Trades Union Congress calls upon Congress to voice its support and solidarity with Cuba who are experiencing ongoing attacks by the USA who, opportunistically are using social media and false news reporting to continue their decades’ long war against the right of the Cuban people to resist American interference and show “another way is possible”. We recognize that the Cuban people have major problems to face, as a result of the internationally condemned illegal economic blockade which causes serious shortages in food, building materials and medical supplies, which have been particularly significant during the global pandemic. We welcome the solidarity that has been shown worldwide and in Ireland North and South, particularly the assistance already shown by the trade union movement and solidarity organizations. We congratulate the Cuban people in providing healthcare assistance to other countries through the deployment of their medical brigades which have assisted many countries during the pandemic. We condemn the USA in their attempt to overthrow the Cuban government and we give our deep gratitude to the people of Cuba and their strength in defending a social system that we all strive for.

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