Jamaica´s PNP expresses solidarity with Cuba after hurricane Matthew

KINGTSON, JAMAICA, October 12, 2016. Following requestfrom the People´s National Party (PNP), Cuban Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernandez held a fraternal meeting with a representation of this important political forcewilling to state its solidarity with Cuba after the damages caused by hurricane Mathew in the eastern part of the country.

The delegation was composed by Senator and Mayor of Kingston, Angella Brown Burke, legislators Anthony Hylton and Dr. Morais Guy, speakers for the Opposition on Industry, Investment and Commerce, and Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade respectively; former Secretary General Paul Burke, Pamela Redwood, executive assistant of the President of PNP and Andre Anderson, member.

The Ambassador, based on a video, explained the damages caused mainly in the housing in the cities of Baracoa and Maisi, as well as the measures adopted by the revolutionary government during the recovery phase, and highlighted the permanent presence of Army General Raul Castro Ruz in the affected zones.

Solidary Jamaicans praised the discipline of the Cuban people and the national planning to face natural disasters as one of the main achievements of the Revolution, which was a key element to the zero fatalities in this opportunity.

Likewise, PNP members stressed the need that Jamaican learns from the Cuban experience and conveyed congratulations on behalf of their party for the exemplary performance of the Cuban civil defense system.

The Cuban diplomat thanked for the concern of the PNP and ratified the willingness of his country to collaborate with neighbour nations both in the preparation and recovery phases during this type of events. Guanche Hernandez cited, as example, the presence of a Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, a nation that was also hit hard by hurricane Matthew.

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