January First, 1959: Victory of the People

Primero de Enero

Cuban Revolution of the humble and for the humble

“Celebrate this January, celebrate together, raise our glasses and toast for Cuba and our Revolution, for which, as expressed the undefeated Fidel: "It is a Revolution for social justice."

By Ana Hernández

"The joy is immense, but much remains to be done ... do not imagine that everything will be easier from now on, perhaps everything will be more difficult from now on." This phrase was pronounced by the Historical Leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, that one January 1959 when the Caravan of Freedom entered triumph in Havana. How much certainty to define what would come later!!

After that triumph, and the Cuban Revolution in this January begins to count the 59 years, the transit so far has not been easy, I almost guess that Fidel in that premonition walked the hand of his most consulted Master, José Martí when he said: "The stars are not reached by flat roads." The truth is that breaking and annihilating each obstacle we arrive at a new anniversary, in this opportunity and for the first time, without the physical presence of the best architect that had our Revolution, that giant that in the very noses of the empire was raised, by and for the humble of this land.

Since Cuba reaches its January 59 in Revolution and with an adversary only a few miles, hence the path here has been more tortuous and difficult, but with the insurmountable premise that brings the unity, security and dignity of this people, we have defeated every imperial affront with the forehead as high as the glass of our palms and more, we have planted in the international public opinion, that this is a land of men and women who have chosen to be the owners of their own destiny.

And in this new January when all of Cuba celebrates the revolutionary triumph, there will also be a special place for that international plane, with the whole commitment to continue to raise the flags of solidarity and internationalism, as our eternal Commander-in-Chief will teach us with his Conviction that to be "internationalist is to pay off our own debt to humanity ..."

It also calls us to continue defying powerful dominant forces with our own efforts and with our own example, in order to denounce the unjust and inhuman blockade of the world's greatest power against Cuba, in order to seize our dreams, our freedom and our self-determination. Only in a few hours in January will he summon us to unity, never to renounce the glory we have lived, which translates into never giving up Fidel's legacy, to that legacy that made us people and has brought us here facing turbulent clashes , But always sure and full of infinite faith in victory.