From Kotka a message of solidarity with Cuba


Kotka, June 12, 2022.- From this town, located 150 kilometers from the Finnish capital, a message of solidarity with Cuba was heard this Saturday.

In a meeting with the delegates of the Suomen Kommunistinen Puoluen (SKP) - Communist Party of Finland - the Cuban Ambassador, Beatriz Parra González, shared updated information on the reality of Cuba, in particular the strategy to confront Covid-19 and the intensification of the blockade by the US against the Island, at times of maximum difficulties generated by the pandemic.

In her words, the Cuban diplomat signified the support and accompaniment of the SKP to Cuba, and its permanent signs of solidarity, which she invited to extend to the entire country. At the end of his speech in Lenin Square, "Viva Cuba" was heard among those present and then it was extended to a ¡Viva!

At the closing, as a reminder, the delegates gathered around the Cuban flag to support their accompaniment of the Revolution.

(Embacuba Finlandia)

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