Lebanese Cuba Friendship Association and Lebanese Communist Party reaffirm their stand by Cuba's side

Beirut, November 17, 2021. At the headquarters of the Lebanese Communist Party in Beirut, an emotional act of solidarity with the Greater of the Antilles took place this afternoon, organized by the Lebanese-Cuba Friendship Association and the Lebanese communists.

The general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party, Hanna Gharib, declared that Cuba is a jewel of socialism, from which they draw dignity and resistance for its example to the world.

Meanwhile, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated that they will raise their arms in defense of any aggression against the Caribbean country.

Another attendee, the secretary general of the People's Democratic Party of Lebanon, Mohamed Hachicho, said that since the revolutionary triumph in 1959, the Cuban people, government and state support the just causes of the world, including that of Palestine.

At the same time, the representative of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Jihad Suleiman, stressed that the presence of Cuban doctors in the world is an example of the premise of his Revolution, to save lives above profits.

All the speakers agreed in repudiating the interference maneuvers of the United States and its blockade of the Cuban people for almost 60 years.

The meeting concluded with a resounding Viva Cuba that reaffirmed the admiration and respect felt for the island in Lebanon. (Embacuba Líbano/Prensa Latina)


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