Lebanon and Cuba explore media cooperation

Beirut, April 26th. (PL-EmbaCuba Líbano) The director of the National News Agency (ANN), of Lebanon, Laure Sleiman Saab, and the Cuban Ambassador in Beirut, Miguel Porto Parga, explored today opportunities for media cooperation.

In a courtesy meeting at the ANN headquarters, Sleiman and Porto talked about projects to bring the two countries closer to the information.

Founded in 1961, the ANN has offices in Australia, Syria and several within Lebanese territory.

The director was invited to attend an international conference in Cuba hosted by Prensa Latina in January 2019, to mark the 60th anniversary of ist foundation.

Sleiman is the only woman who runs an information media in the entire Middle East and Western Asia.

In 2014, she won the Woman of the Year distinction in the Lebanese Press.


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