Letter from the President of Cuba to the Secretary General of the United Nations. 75th anniversary UN

Havana, October 24, 2020

"Year 62 of the Revolution"


His Excellency Mr. Antonio Gutérres

Secretary General of the United Nations

New York




After 75 years of its founding, the role of the United Nations is increasingly relevant.

Strict adherence to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and International Law is urgent, as well as the preservation of multilateralism in the face of the pressing challenges imposed on us by the complex world scenario.

The devastating Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the urgent need to overcome political and ideological differences and seek joint solutions to global challenges, through cooperation and solidarity.

It is time to honor the commitment made by signing the Charter of the United Nations. Fewer words and more actions are needed to firmly banish conflicts and the arms race from the planet; unconventional wars for domination purposes, acts of aggression, unilateral coercive measures, manipulation of human rights for political purposes, and disrespect for the self-determination of peoples; inequality and underdevelopment, poverty, hunger, marginalization and lack of access to essential services for life, such as health.

The Organization, following the purposes and principles that originated it, must promote, for the good of present and future generations, a just, democratic and equitable international order that responds to the demand for peace, sustainable development and justice of all the peoples of the world. world.

In achieving these objectives, the United Nations can always count on the determined support of Cuba and its people. In multilateral forums we will continue our defense of peace, international law and just causes, as well as denouncing threats to the survival of the human species.

At the beginning of this millennium, when we commemorate the 55th anniversary of the United Nations, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, affirmed that "humanity must become aware of what we have been and what we cannot continue to be. Today our species has acquired sufficient knowledge, ethical values ​​and scientific resources to march towards a new historical stage of true justice and humanism. " Let us fulfill the noble and legitimate aspirations for which this Organization was created.

I take the opportunity to reiterate to Your Excellency the assurance of my highest consideration and esteem.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez

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