From Liberia, beginning of activities on the occasion of Marti's day.

Monrovia, January 20, 2022 - The collective of the Cuban Embassy in the Republic of Liberia, headed by the Chief of Mission Mercedes L. Martínez Herrera, began the day on the occasion of the 169th anniversary of the birth of the National Hero José Martí with the session "Validity of Marti's thought".

The destiny of America and the world was pointed out more than a century ago by the Cuban apostle José Martí. 169 years after his birth, how valid is his political and social thought? What is the best way to approach his work? In it we will find the keys to understand his concept of life, sacrifices, character and love for freedom and justice.

His ideas reflect his deepest convictions about the world, society, man and his role, knowledge, universal order, the relationship between spirit and matter, natural laws, conscience, religious ideology, good and evil, the interaction of different forces, the interaction of different forces, and the role of man in the world, of the interaction of different forces, of causality, of essences and the phenomenal, of contradictions, of the one and the multiple, of the universal and the singular, of conciliation, of tolerance, and of his idea of the composite being as the core expression of his own philosophical conception.


Embacuba Liberia

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