The Liberia-Cuba Friendship Association congratulates on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Monrovia, April 18, 2021 - On April 19, 1974, Cuba and Liberia decided to establish diplomatic relations.

Under the concepts of respect and mutual assistance, both countries have since then strengthened their relations for the good of the Liberian and Cuban people.

Many of the members of the solidarity association are the fruit of bilateral relations between the two countries.

In its congratulatory message, the Liberia-Cuba Friendship group emphasizes that Liberia is the country where they were born, but Cuba is the country where they were formed and where they were taught to be good men and women. Where they were instilled the sense of solidarity, that solidarity that in our days of pandemic Cuba expands to the needy countries of the world.

Within the framework of this celebration, they indicated, once again, to be together with the call of the international community for the end of the US blockade against Cuba, a country which is excluded from humanitarian aid and which is hindered from receiving aid from other countries.

The head of mission Mercedes L. Martínez Herrera thanked the Cuban side for the gesture of solidarity.



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