Liberia-Cuba Friendship Association expresses solidarity with the Cuban people following the unfortunate accident at Saratoga Hotel.

Monrovia, May 7, 2022 - The Liberia-Cuba solidarity group expresses heartfelt condolences and solidarity for the terrible accident that occurred at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana.

In their message they join the sorrow of the Cuban people and send condolences and expressions of solidarity to the families and friends of the victims of such a painful event.

They indicate that they feel proud of the Cuban people because in only hours they were able to voluntarily donate blood to save lives.

They valued the struggle of the people together with their leaders and the rescue and salvage team in the search for the victims who may remain under the rubble.

They expressed that Cuba can count on the Liberian solidarity group in these hard and difficult moments.


Embacuba Liberia.

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