Liberia-Cuba Friendship Group issues statement of solidarity and support to Cuba.

Monrovia, June 25, 2022 - Once again, the Liberia-Cuba friendship group raised its voice in repudiation of the US aggressions against the people and government of Cuba which have lasted for more than 60 years, and rejected the actions which, as part of the political, economic and financial war of the blockade, seek to encourage popular discontent and generate mobilizations against the social system chosen by the Caribbean nation.

The letter points out that, in the current context of global economic crisis, climate transition and alterations in the global supply chains, the blockade against Cuba is particularly serious and violates the human rights of the Cuban people at a time when they are facing a complex current situation.

The solidarity group denounced the campaigns of political destabilization and discredit, which build falsehoods with the image of a socially unstable country in political crisis, with the use of millions of dollars and the use of sophisticated information and disinformation technology to create an atmosphere of hostility and insecurity and we reject any attempt at destabilization or intervention under the fallacious arguments of providing humanitarian aid.

They culminated their statement by calling on all friends of Cuba to intensify their efforts of solidarity and support to the country that has trained several Liberians, to the country that despite facing economic difficulties has been able to produce its own medicines and vaccines against Covid-19, to the country that was able to send doctors when Liberia was hit by the deadly Ebola virus.


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