Liberia-Cuba solidarity group congratulates re-election of Cuban President Diaz-Canel.

Monrovia, April 21, 2023.- In the afternoon of today, members of the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group visited the headquarters of our Embassy to deliver the Message of Congratulations of this solidarity group for the re-election of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez for a second term.

Through the letter, the friends of Cuba expressed their sincerest congratulations to the Cuban president for having ratified his commitment to serve with passion and without reluctance, until the last consequences.

They pointed out that under the leadership and guidance of President Diaz-Canel, Cuba will persevere in the defense of the Homeland, the construction of socialism and the indeclinable struggle against the genocidal blockade of the US that harms the welfare of the people.

Once again the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group pledged to stand by Cuba in its struggle against the US blockade, to advocate for the removal of Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism and to continue to demand the return of the Guantanamo naval base which has been illegally occupied by the US for 120 years.


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