Liberia-Cuba solidarity group joins the new Caravan against Blockade to Cuba.

Monrovia, April 24, 2021.- United by feelings of solidarity with the Greater of the Antilles, the Liberia-Cuba friendship organization joins and supports the new Caravan against the blockade, through posters "UNBLOCK CUBA" and statement made by members of the solidarity group.

In the solidarity document, they point out that the US is brutally tightening the blockade and denounce the fact that during the Trump Administration, measures were issued almost weekly in an attempt to strangle the Cuban economy. Due to its extraterritorial character, this hostile and aggressive policy against Cuba harms all families living in Cuba and in any other nation on the planet.

They emphasize that the blockade has been tightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when applying sanctions against the normal development of a country becomes an inhumane act of aggravated genocide.

They added that the U.S. blockade causes human and economic damage to the people of Cuba and drastically reduces income, hindering the development of Cuba, a country they consider their second homeland.

They conclude their declaration by ratifying their unconditional support to Cuba in their just claim and struggle against this genocidal policy, and with exclamations of Viva Cuba!!!!!!! And Down with the Blockade!!!!!.


Embacuba Liberia

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