Liberia-Cuba Solidarity Group pays well-deserved tribute to José Martí.

Monrovia, May 19, 2024 - On the occasion of the commemoration of the 129th anniversary of the fall in combat of National Hero José Martí, members of the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group paid a well-deserved tribute to this universal Cuban at the Cuban Embassy in Liberia.

Together with the members of the Cuban mission, the solidarity friends remembered the life and work of Martí, who with lively and simple words through his works established with the children a dialogue about the greatness and majesty of African men and countries, placing them in the important place that has always corresponded to them in the history of humanity.

Martí inspired teachings about the African land, as well as some features that identify the men of this immense continent, inviting the reader to the knowledge and admiration towards the African peoples, proposing to instill in the conscience, in the mind and in the heart of the little ones, the equality of men.

Marti's ideology, anti-racism, anti-slavery, and the treatment offered to the African land exposed in Marti's works are aspects that are interesting, current and moving, showing a sensitized author who fights for the equality of all men.

The intervention of the president of the solidarity group Kesselee King Kanneh was accompanied by the reading of stanzas of the apostle's works where he revealed his patriotism and solidarity.


Embacuba Liberia.

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