Liberian newspaper publishes article about Cuba-Liberia Scholarship Program.

Monrovia, January 14, 2020.- Today, the Liberian newspaper "Daily Obsever" published on its front page an article on the Cuba-Liberia Scholarship Plan entitled "Two Liberian Students Get Scholarship in Cuba".

In the positive article, journalist Joaquin Sendolo points out that Cuba has a solid reputation in medicine with an outstanding educational record in the world, and that since it reopened its embassy in Liberia more than five years ago, many Liberian students have benefited from the scholarships offered by the Cuban government through its embassy near Monrovia, which has strengthened the bilateral relationship between Liberia and Cuba.

He adds that Cuba contributed enormously with doctors in 2014 when Ebola hit Liberia, and during this period of coronavirus, Cuba sent its medical brigade to countries in Europe, where the virus is ravaging.

In said article, the Liberian journalist also refers to the support of the Liberian government in the fight for the elimination of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the US has imposed on Cuba for about 60 years.


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