Liberian newspapers publish articles on the 47th Anniversary of Cuba-Liberia Diplomatic Relations.

Monrovia, April 19, 2021.- Authored by Dr. Augustine Konneh, Ph.D, Dean of the Graduate School, AME University, the Liberian newspaper "Front Page" publishes an excellent article on the celebration of the 47th anniversary of Cuba-Liberia diplomatic relations.

The article refers to the unconditional assistance that Cuba provided to the West African country when it was hit by the Ebola epidemic. In this regard, the author highlights, "Cuba was one of the countries that helped ease Liberia's agony during the Ebola epidemic in 2014. When Liberia was in the midst of that humanitarian disaster, Cuba sent doctors to strengthen Liberia's fragile medical capacity. This was a difficult time for the country because it seemed like every state was closing its doors to it. In Cuba, we saw a real friend. Therefore, on the occasion of the commemoration of Cuba-Liberia diplomatic relations, we should congratulate Cuba for its unforgettable solidarity when Liberia really needed help."

Academician Konneh concludes his article by expressing his wish for the strengthening of bilateral relations and notes that: "it is my hope that, in this historic celebration of the 47th anniversary of Cuban-Liberian relations, the ties of friendship that remain between the two countries will be deepened through new cultural, economic, scientific and economic relations between the two states for the benefit of their peoples and the sustainable development of our one world".

For its part, the "Daily Observer" newspaper published in its Editorial section an extensive article on Cuba-Liberia diplomatic relations, highlighting the assistance provided by Cuba during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and the Scholarship Plan between the governments of the two countries, through which many Liberians have benefited: "Cuba continues to provide numerous scholarships to Liberians in various disciplines, including sports medicine. It has a standing offer to send doctors to Liberia to continue providing critical medical services to the Liberian people," notes the oldest newspaper of the African country.


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