Litz Alfonso Children and Youth Ballet Successfully Performs “Niños de Cuba” in Toronto

Toronto, September 6, 2016-Litz Alfonso Dance Cuba young dancers shined like little stars during a successful one-week performance at the 138th Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. They were brimming with joy and showed their talent at Canada´s largest fair which attracts over a million visitors each year.

The dance performance included a wide variety of Cuban and international rhythms executed by 10 to 14-year-old children and teenagers, great exponents of Cuban culture.

Children, youngsters and adults packed the room and were delighted by the expertise of these little artists. Both the talented group of dancers and Litz Alfonso, Company’s Director, were congratulated and given an ovation at the end of each performance. Beyond any doubt, “Niños de Cuba” left an everlasting mark on the hearts of the Canadian audience.