As long as the blockade persists, Cuba will maintain the strong claim to end it

With the support of Iranian friends from solidarity organizations, particularly the House of Latin America (HOLA), the Embassy of Cuba in Tehran held a press conference with media to denounce once again the US blockade imposed on the Island for more than five decades, and to announce the presentation of a draft resolution at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) by the twenty-fifth consecutive time to demand an end to this unfair policy.


Addressing the media representatives, Ambassador Vladimir González Quesada said that despite the restoring of diplomatic ties between Cuba and US, the reopening of respective embassies over a year ago and President Barack Obama’s visit to Havana in March 2016, the US blockade against Cuba remains in force as do the laws which support it. He added that this is an essential obstacle for normalizing relations between the two countries.


He also commented that the economic damage to the Cuban people by this criminal blockade amounted to $753,688,000,000 and only from March 2015 to March 2016 its cost to Cuba totaled $4,680,300,000 at current prices. Therefore, he affirmed that as long as the blockade persists, Cuba will maintain the strong claim to end it


After the intervention of the Cuban diplomat, the executive of HOLA, Hamid Shahrabí, proceeded to read out the statement issued by his organization to condemn the US blockade.


Finally, the Ambassador agreed to answer questions from journalists at the conference, which dealt with the difficulties of Cuba to conduct its banking transactions, the role of the Island in the context of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and its recently concluded XVII Summit in Venezuela, and last developments in Cuba-Iran bilateral relations.