Major Indian press reports the presence of Cuba as the Focus Country of the 7th coming Jagran Film Festival in India.

India May 20, 2016. 21 of the most important organs of the press in India have reported  until today the presence of Cuba as the  Focus Country  in the upcoming 7th Jagran Film Festival to be held in 14 cities of India from 1st July to September 26 this year.

It is reported  the intervention of Cuban Ambassador Oscar I Martínez Cordovés when referring to Cuba's participation in this Festival ,  he said that "it is  indeed  a matter of pride for us to partner with the largest  travelling film festival of cinema in the world and Cuban cinema is displayed in many cities in India.  What we would be presenting to the people of India through this partnership is not  just our films, but a vision of our culture, history and contemporary life of Cuba. I'm glad to be given this opportunity  through the Jagran  Prakashan and we thank you "

 From his part, the Festival 's     Strategic Consultant , Manoj Srivastava said, "We are presenting the  Cinema of  a very special country that produces world-class   filmmakers, but   has yet remained largely unexplored. Th e Festival opens a window into  the vibrant culture of Cuba”.

As part of this initiative  the festival will present a package  of  5-7 feature films and documentaries  of  Cuban directors like Humberto Solas, Tomas Gutierrez Alea, Julio Garcia Espinosa, Juan Carlos Tabio and Fernando Perez addressing the Imperfect Cinema, from 1968 onwards .  The press notes that this kind of cinema "was a form or theme found throughout the audiences that struggled in life and were aware of the hard times, people were going through. It was believed that only in the person who suffered, elegance, gravity, even beauty could be recognized. The Imperfect cinema represented the struggles of the people while revealing the process which generated the problem.

The Jagran Festival each year presents the Cinema of a country. The past years have seen the Cinemas  of  South Korea, Cyprus and the United States presented in the past editions of the festival. The 7th edition of Jagran Film Festival gets underway at New Delhi`s Siri Fort Auditorium in the capital, and after traveling through 14 cities will reach Mumbai, Bollywood headquarters, where its closure will take place. (Cubaminrex- EmbacubaIndia).


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