Many Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro, Leader of Cuban Revolution, in Canada

Ottawa November, 28th.- Canadian and Latin American friends as well as Cuban residents, have staged various demonstrations in several Canadian cities this week to pay their respects and show their affection to Fidel Castro, the Leader of the Cuban Revolution, who passed away on the night of November 25.

On the evening of Sunday, November 27, about one hundred people, called by the Canadian Network on Cubaand the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), gathered in front of the Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa for a farewell vigil. They remembered the historical leader of the Revolution with candles, flowers, poems and songs. On the same day, numerous people, defying cold weather, attended similar events in Toronto and Vancouver to express their admiration and deep gratitude to the legacy of Fidel.

Since Monday morning, hundreds of people have signed the Books of Condolences that have been opened in the diplomatic missions of Cuba in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, which will stay open until Friday.

This is an opportunity for Canadian, Latin American and Cuban citizens to pay their last tribute in Canada to a figure that goes beyond geographical boundaries and time and who, as French writer Ignacio Ramonet said, is one of the 'few men (that) have known the glory of entering the pages of both history and legend while they are still alive'.


Embassy of Cuba in Canada