Maori king receives the Cuban ambassador.

Hamilton, October 24. His Majesty Kiingi Tuheitia received Ambassador Edgardo Valdés and his family in a private farewell audience in his offices.

Accompanied by his wife, Makau Ariki, and his chief of staff, Archdeacon Ngira Simmonds, Kiingi Tuhetia exchanged with the ambassador and recalled Cuba's support for literacy programs for Maori years ago.

The ambassador recalled the visit in 2020 of several of the king's collaborators to the Cuban residence in Wellington, as well as his visit to Kiingitanga that same year, when he shared an entire day with the king and his closest family and collaborators.

He also highlighted the successes of Cuba in the field of health and of the Maoris in agriculture, livestock, forestry industry, fishing, and other activities. He quoted the reflection of the second Maori king that the skills of two people united can generate well-being for both.

After thanking the king for his friendship and hospitality, the ambassador reiterated that the Maori people can count on Cuba.



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