Marcus Garvey's 133 birthday celebration and pan-Africanist organizations in Barbados recognize the work of the Cuban Henry Reeve Brigade against COVID-19

Representatives of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in Barbados along with sports coaches and diplomats show the diploma.

Last Sunday at the Israel Lovell Foundation in Barbados, said institution, in coordination with the Coalition of Pan-Africanist Organizations and the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, held an act of tribute to the 133rd anniversary of the birth of the Most Honorable Marcus Garvey, National Hero of Jamaica and founder of the Pan-Africanist movements in the Caribbean. The activity was conducive for these organizations, who carry the message of ¨Black Lives Matter¨ in Barbados, to recognize the work of the nurses of the Cuban Medical Brigade "Henry Reeve" in this country and around the world.

The event was attended by the Minister of Culture, the Honorable Deputy John King, the Special Envoy of the Government of Barbados for reparations and compensation for the scourge of Slavery, the Honorable Deputy Trevor Prescod, the Secretary General of the Clement Payne Movement, Robert ¨Bobby¨ Clarke, the President of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration and President of the Solidarity Movements with Cuba and Venezuela, David Denny, the Ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela, Sergio Jorge Pastrana and Alvaro Sánchez Cordero, respectively, Dr. Roodney Worrell, Chair of Political Science, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Entrepreneur Anderson Cherry from the Jose and Jose Company, Environmental Waste Processor, Ms. Joy Workman, representing of women's movements. Shellie Small, representing Pan-African Youth Organizations and the President of the Coalition of Pan-African Organizations, Wayne Onkphra Wells.

There were speeches, presentations and messages of solidarity around the life, work and mission of Marcus Garvey and the pan-Africanist movement by Minister King, guests Denny, Workman and Cherry, Ambassadors Pastrana and Sánchez, as well as a keynote speech from the deputy Trevor Prescod.

The outstanding artists, the Cutural Ambassador, Doctor and The Most Honorable Anthony ¨The Mighty Gabby¨ Carter, the poet Winston Farrell, the musical group Lion Soul, and the soloists Lisa Griffith, Cyndi Celeste and Sonny Meraki delivered presentations.


The evening culminated in the delivery of a group of recognitions to personalities. Mainly the annual Marcus Garvey In Memoriam Award was presented to Mr. Dennis Brown, Principal of St. George High School, Dr. Muhammad Nassar, and Congressman Trevor Prescod, but the award that evoked the biggest standing ovation from the audience present was the recognition to the People and Government of the Republic of Cuba for the work of the Brigade of Cuban Nurses in Barbados, represented there by a group of them and their Chief of Brigade, Dr. Daymarelis Ortega, who collected the diploma on behalf of them. The Ambassador of Cuba gave the words of thanks.


The evening took place in a climate of high cultural values ​​and recognition of the Caribbean identity of the pan-Africanist struggle in the region

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