From May 2 to June 13, Cuban film Festival in India.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in India, in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute of New Delhi, launched a film exhibition, which will be extended from May 2 to June 13. 

The film Innocence, by filmmaker Alejandro Gil, opened the cycle of Cuban films, which includes Habanastation, El Ojo del Canario, Contigo pan y cebolla, El Mayor, Viva Cuba and Ciudad en Rojo

At the inaugural ceremony, the Chargé d'Affaires a.i., Abel Aballe Despaigne, thanked the Cervantes and its director Oscar Pújol for hosting this Festival, which is part of the 129th anniversary of the fall in combat of our National Hero José Martí. He pointed out that several of the films to be screened are period films and highlight various aspects of the process of the formation of Cuban nationality. He also highlighted the presence, in most of the films, of young people with ideals of justice in different stages of Cuba's history. 

The director of the Institute, Oscar Pujol, emphasized the recognition of Cuban cinema at international level, which is why he considered the series a unique opportunity for young people to enjoy the Cuban seventh art in India. 

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