Meeting between the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba and UQAM

The delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba, composed of the Director General of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, Ondina León Díaz, PhD, visited the University of Quebec in Montreal, where it met with the Vice-Rector of Research, Christian Agbobli, and seven professors of UQAM.

They reviewed the existing excellent relations in the areas of Spanish language, urban planning, heritage, cancer prevention, the environment and sustainable development teaching, which are collaboration fieldsbetween UQAM and Cuban universities such as the University of Havana, the San Jerónimo University College, the Enrique José Varona Pedagogical University and the University of Holguin. 

Information was provided on the strengths of the Cuban university system in these areas that would allow for further collaboration and cooperation. An invitation was extended to them to become part of the Cuban environmental network and the International Congress Universidad 2024 was promoted. The meeting was attended by Maiky Díaz Pérez, PhD, Head of the Multilateral Affairs Department of the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Consul General Susana Malmierca Benítez.

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