Meeting with the Brothers of Solidarity

Nigeria, September 4, 2023.- This afternoon a warm meeting took place between the Cuban Ambassador Miriam Morales Palmero and Representatives of the Nigerian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.

Brother Abiodun Aremu, coordinator of the Cuban Solidarity Movement in Nigeria, together with representatives of the Nigerian Trade Union Congress (TUC), the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) and friends of solidarity organized a meeting to finalize details about the presence of Nigeria at the VII Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba to be held soon in South Africa.

During the visit made by the Cuban ambassador, ideas were exchanged about future actions to be carried out in order to strengthen ties between Nigeria and Cuba, at the same time, support for South Africa in the organization of the event was ratified as Nigeria had been the host country of the previous meeting in 2019.

Counselor Pavel Bauzá Fusté, and Third Secretary Ana Flavia Gómez Pavot, both officials of the Cuban diplomatic mission, were also present at the meeting.

(Cuban Embassy in Nigeria)

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