Meeting of the Cuban Ambassador with the Chamber of Commerce of the State of Abia

Nigeria, February 23, 2017. During his stay in Abia State, the Ambassador of Cuba, Carlos Trejo Sosa held a meeting with the Abia Chamber of Commerce, located in the town of Aba; a place that is characterized by the production of various articles for the whole country.

The meeting had an exchange of ideas and took place in a friendly atmosphere. The Nigerian side expressed interest in participating in trade events that are organized in the country to be inserted in the market of Latin America and the United States. In addition, they expressed the intention to travel shortly to Cuba to be present at the International Tourism Fair.

In this regard, the Cuban Ambassador mentioned some international events in which they could participate and insert themselves with their products. He offered an update on the Cuban economic model and mentioned the most relevant indicators in sectors such as tourism and the production of sugar and nickel.

The Vice-President of the Chamber and several of its members, as well as the Special Assistant to the State Governor and the State Health Commissioner, were present at the meeting. On the Cuban side, Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa; his wife, Melba Pérez Morales and the second secretary, Leydis Bernal Suárez.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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