Meeting of Cubans residents in the city of Montreal


Cuban residents in Montreal met at the Consulate General of Cuba in that city to discuss current issues and share life experiences.

As part of the exchange, they screened the video "Yo vengo de todas partes" (I come from everywhere), which recounts the historical process of rapprochement between Cuba and its nationals residing abroad, which began with the Dialogue of 1978.

This occasion contributed to recalling the legacy of Apostle José Martí, on the eve of the 171st anniversary of his birth. In addition, the negative impact of the U.S. blockade on the daily lives of Cuban citizens was condemned.

During the activity, several proposals were made in which the interest in working together to contribute to the development of the Cuban nation prevailed.

The meeting ratified the love and commitment of our fellow countrymen for their homeland and their will to continue working for a better future.

Comunidad cubana
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