Meeting held in Toronto on Cuban internationalism in the 21st century

The Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association Toronto organized the event Café Cuba, where Cuban internationalism in the 21st century was discussed. The main speaker at this event was the renowned intellectual and friend of Cuba, Isaac Saney, who gave an account of the internationalist work of our country after the triumph of the Revolution.

Also present at the meeting were Samantha Hislop, co-chair of the Canadian Cuba Solidarity Network, Elizabeth Hill, president of the CCFA-Toronto, representatives of the Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto and members of solidarity groups of this city.

The event included a message from Dany Tur, Second Chief of Mission of the Cuban Embassy in Canada and a presentation of the XXX Edition of the Ernesto Ché Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade.

The participants recognized the example of our country for the rest of the nations, evidenced in the multiple samples of internationalism, solidarity and altruism, in spite of the negative impact of the US blockade and the increase of the hostile policy of this country towards our people.
On his part, the Consul General of Cuba in Toronto, Jorge Yanier Castellanos expressed his gratitude for the expressions of solidarity and affection towards our country.

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