Meeting with Permanent Secretary of the MFA

Abuja, September 9, 2023.- This morning the Cuban Ambassador, Miriam Morales Palmero, was received at the headquarters of the Nigerian Foreign Ministry by Ambassador Ademu Ibrahim Lamuwa, permanent secretary of the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main topic addressed during the meeting was related to Nigeria's participation in the G77+China Summit of Heads of State and Government, to be held on September 15 and 16 in Havana. The final details regarding the participation of the Nigerian delegation were specified, as well as the main interests of the Bilateral Agenda that would be addressed once they arrived on Cuban soil.

Ambassador Ademu Lamuwa commented on several of the strengths that Cuba possessed, especially in the area of health and the great contributions that it could provide to Africa, particularly to Nigeria, especially regarding the primary health sector.

The exchange took place in a family atmosphere, in which the excellent political relations that exist between both countries and the willingness to bring economic and commercial relations to the same level were highlighted.

Ana Flavia Gómez Pavot, third secretary of the diplomatic mission, was also present on the Cuban side.


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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