Members of the Electoral Commission of the Embacuba Liberia Constituency are sworn in.

Monrovia, January 18, 2022 - At the headquarters of the Cuban Embassy in Liberia took place the swearing in of the members of the Electoral Commission of the Embacuba Liberia Constituency, responsible for the process of popular consultation of the project of the Code of Families in this diplomatic mission.

The special commission constituted in the MINREX will process the proposals issued from the embassies and by the collaborators abroad.

In January, the Special Electoral Commission of the MINREX constitutes and trains the commissions that will lead the process in the consular offices or embassies located abroad, which will develop the consultation meetings in March.

The 23rd version of the Family Code Bill reflects plurality and family diversity, inclusion and equality and non-discrimination, affection as the central axis in family relations, the educational and pedagogical nature, as well as the role of symbolic and non-neutral language.


Embacuba Liberia.

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