Members of the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto participate in Palestinian Latin Night.

The Consulate of Cuba was invited by the president of the Casa Palestina in Toronto, Amin El maoued, to the Palestinian Latin night, together with Enzo Moreno, director of the Latin American Cultural Center, and members of the left-wing of the communities of Chile, El Salvador, Argentina and Uruguay.


The president of Casa Palestina and the rest of the Palestinian community thanked the example of struggle and solidarity of the Cuban people and government with the Palestinian cause. One of the Palestinian graduates in Cuba highlighted the effort made by our government in the preparation provided to future Palestinian professionals.


On the other hand, the General Consul ratified the commitment of the Cuban government and people to this just cause and the immense love and admiration for the Palestinians for their courage, hospitality and determination to defend their rights at any cost.


During the evening, Palestinian families prepared their traditional dishes and delighted the audience with their typical dances and songs.



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