Members from the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto participated in a meeting with the renowned intellectual Fernando Buen Abad.

Ottawa, January 30, 2022.- Members from the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto were invited by the renowned intellectual Fernando Buen Abad, Director of the Institute of Culture and Communication of the National University of Lanús, Argentina, to participate in the meeting “Thinking our time” in which the main challenges facing Latin America in current times were analyzed. At the Latin American Cultural Center in Toronto, journalists, You Tubers, intellectuals and members of the Latin American community recognized in several interventions the positive experiences and the role of Cuba in the current context.


Professor Fernando Buen Abad's intervention focused on the necessary unity of the Latin American peoples and the urgent support of their nationals abroad in the contemporary struggle, mainly in the field of semiotics, ideas and social networks. Buen Abad proposed the creation of a front in Toronto to join the other fronts that have been formed in the world to create networks, as well as not to be indifferent to the voices and forces of our peoples working to build unity.


On the other hand, the General Consul, Jorge Yanier Castellanos, expressed his gratitude for the recognition of Cuba's contribution to Latin American unity and for the solidarity of those present. He stressed the importance of initiatives of this type to face the challenges of our time, mainly in the battle presented in the communicational field from a symbolic and socio-cultural perspective against imperialist aggressions, in which he assured that they would always count on the commitment and activism of the Cuban people.


Professor Fernando Buen Abad made a commitment to participate in future initiatives organized by the General Consulate of Cuba to analyze topics of interest and promote Latin American critical thinking.






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