A memorable exchange with a Cuba's friend Dr. Pommeck Dalalaoy

Vientiane May 2024. The visit of a delegation from the Agencia Prensa Latina and the intention to remember part of the shared common history, was the pretext for the exchange with the old friend Dr. Pommeck Dalaloy, regarding the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between two distant countries that have indelible experiences since the arrival of the first Cuban doctors to this Asian country.

Dalaloy showered much love and words of praise on those friends who sowed everlasting ties, and recalled anecdotes that touch very deeply and speak of the quality and courage of those men and women who expressed friendship and solidarity with the Lao people, despite the distance. of their country of origin.

Very interesting were the ideas shared by Dalaloy in a new stage of his accumulated youth, always with advanced ideas. The occasion was conducive to sharing impressions of respect and consecration of the Caribbean doctors’s work in the medical brigade at the Amistad Laos-Vietnam hospital in the Viengxay district with Dr. Julio López, head of the Cuban team, who stated that his stay in Laos made him a better human being. Working together at Viengsay caves Dr. Lopez understood the real friendship and solidarity with the heroic lao people and the strugle for independence. 

Dalaloy is also remembered for his close ties with Cuba, where he served as Ambassador during the years 1987-1989, and for his work as vice president of the Laos/Cuba Friendship Association.

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